Hip Hop Open Austria 2016 review

So the first bigger festival version of the HIP HOP OPEN AUSTRIA 2016 is over. Instead of Arena Wien it took place at Austrias best festival location -> Wiesen in Burgenland last weekend.

We only could be there the first day -> Friday 22nd of July but already this one day was really really good 🙂

Oddisee & the good Compny

One of our favorite hip hop live acts of all time is Oddisee since the Waves Vienna festival last year. Unfortunately they were stuck in traffic and missed their slot on the main stage, so they had to perform later on the small stage. The quality of hip-hop he is bringing with his amazing live band called the good Compny is just mindblowing. Also in Wiesen they were outperforming easily all the other acts of this night. So I was a bit sad that not more people saw them because they played the smaller stage. But I am quite sure next year they will get a better slot on the main stage, cause everybody who had the chance to see them was cheering and screaming for more at the end of the show. So Hip Hop Open Austria 2017? get this man and his band on the main stage, haha.

If you ever get the chance to watch them somewhere just buy the tickets, watch the show and thanks us later 🙂



Formerly known as Absolute Beginner the Beginners played as headliner of day 1 of the Hip Hop Open Austria 2016. They performed a very massive set packed with hits from the good old heydays of German Hip-Hop from the early 2000s combined with some tracks from the upcoming new records, which sounded just amazing. DJ Mad is just one of the best Hip-Hop producers in Germany.

Fünf Sterne Deluxe

The Fünf Sterne played a very fun set and had the very nice idea to put a full bar on stage. Even tough I was always a big Blumentopf fan this time I liked the concert of Fünf Sterne Deluxe even more than the Blumentopf gig.


Back in the days when they released their fist album called “Kein Zufall” they were by far my favorite german hip-hop act, but over the years they somehow lost something which I really liked about them. I cannot put my finger on it exactely but I just lost interest in them somehow. Besides that they played a good set, with a few hits and most important they did some freestyle parts, which are always fun.