HitRecord – crowdsourced art and music

Take a look at HitRecord – the online collaborative platform

While doing some research online we stumbled upon HitRecord. Basically the idea is to use the crowd to put some art, movies, music, … together and make it really good.

The project was already started in 2005 by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his brother, Dan “Burning Dan” just with a website. First they just shared their own videos to get some feedback but then the Idea came up to get more people in and build a collaborative network. With the power of crowdsourcing they could produce some amazing short films and attend the Sundance Film festival. On their wikipedia Site you can check out the full list.

Their YouTube Channel is also really great aaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd now the show is also on TV in the U.S.

hitrecord crowdsourced music and art

The cool thing about the show is the idea to get creative people together to work on something bigger. If their work is used, they also get paid for it. It will be interesting to watch if this format will be copied and used by other shows. One thing is for sure, I definitely prefer a show like HitRecord to all these mindless “who is the best singer” shows surrounding us in german television.