Louie Austen at Waves Vienna Music Festival 2017 – Win Tickets!

Louie Austen at Waves Vienna Music Festival 2017. Win tickets for the live show of Louie Austen! On September 30th the crooner legend will perform in the Gamechanger Church at the Waves Vienna Music Festival 2017.

“Lounge wizard Louie Austen resembles nothing less than your devilishly dashing bachelor uncle. His English is straight out of a Sinatra comedy and his conversation is littered with `50s showbiz expressions.” DAZED & CONFUSED

The Waves Vienna – Music Festival & Conference is a yearly international showcase festival for pop music in Vienna, Austria. The line-up is mainly focused on alternative music and indie music. The festival takes place in a series of music venues in Vienna.

Usually, it gives the stage to newcomers but also internationally known artists perform. One of those star acts will perform on Saturday 30th September in the Canisiuskirche (Gamechanger Church) at 9 pm and we have some tickets for you! The main act Louie Austen will perform with an Electronic Arrangement and other acts this night will be The Black Palms Orchestra and Albert Af Ekenstam.

Exclusive interview with Louie Austen

Ottersandweasel had the change to interview Louie Austen, one of the best voices from Austria with worldwide fame. In our opinion, he is one of the most enigmatic nightclub crooners and his performances are unique. They make the audience tremble and are the most exhilarating performances, especially in electronic music.

Louie Austen Photoshoot, Great Eastern Hotel, 25th November 2005

Louie Austen Photoshoot, Great Eastern Hotel, 25th November 2005


The exclusive interview was held in German, we publish a transcript here:

Ottersandweasels: Hi Louie! We are fans of yours since the early 2000s when part of our collective had the pleasure to see you live in concert in their hometown in the Soul Club in Amstetten. How do you prepare for your gigs to stay that powerful and fresh?

Louie Austen: Hi! It’s a pleasure to meet you and that was really a long time ago, but very nice that you remember. So there are two things I always do: First, I never play the same set, so each concert is different. I have compilations put together and then I decide which songs I want to sing and how I arrange them.

Second, I try to improve myself at every gig. Each concert has to be better than the last. Even after 10.000 gigs, the next one will be the most amazing and better than anything I’ve done before. This prevents it from being worn down and feeling swamped. I have to have the feeling that I’m at my personal high, everything I can, I will perform!

Ottersandweasels: We are happy that we could interview you, as we are a small music blog this is a big honor to us. How do you think about nowadays marketing and why don’t you perform at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna anymore?

“I always try to give more”, Louie Austen

Louie Austen: I have a great team and I am convinced that these days online marketing and especially bloggers have the biggest power in moving things. For instance, I did a gig at the Hilton Plaza, there was not a single poster promoting the gig but due to the bloggers, 500 people arrived. This was truly impressive to me and this kind of promotion will take over the classical media, it will change marketing completely. The concerts at the Marriott quite to budget cuts, which is still quite sad to me.

Ottersandweasels: It’s impressive with how many musicians you already worked together (Parov Stelar, Joyce Muniz, …), how do these collaborations start?

Louie Austen: People ask me if I wanna sing for them. Often their agents ask me or they contact me directly if I’m interested. I like this concept as I can offer my skills and we can try out if it works or not. This gives an easier access for the producers and I want to be approachable.

Ottersandweasels: What are your latest projects?

Louie Austen: There is the song Dream your Dream by Guiddo featuring me, released at luvshackrecords. I recommend you watch the video it is very beautiful, it’s a German-Chinese collaboration.

And there is my new live project that will premiere at the Waves Vienna Music Festival, September 30. This will be a world premiere, very groovy and funky and on top in a church. The compositions are from Karl Hudina and the drummer Andi Winkler is producing the whole thing. It has electronic and acoustic loops and simply sounds amazing. I was blown away when I heard it for the first time.

And as I am so excited about this collaboration I want as many people as possible to come and enjoy this groovy masterpiece.

Ottersandweasels: Thanks Louie for your time and patience and we cannot wait for your gig at the Changemaker Church at the Waves Vienna Music Festival!

Louie Austen: Thank you, guys! Ciao, ciao!

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Good Luck!

Louie Austen

Gamechanger Church, Waves Vienna Festival

September 30, 2017

9 pm