We present: CIRCUITS by Koronis – experimental electronics & classical music

You should check out Circuits by Koronis

We stumble upon this one a while ago. The music of Newcaptures you almost instantly with this fine classical components interwoved in electronic soundscapes.

Circuits, a concept album

exploring the relationship between experimental electronics and classical composition by multi-media artist/composer Koronis

The record is a haunting combination of piano, strings, bassoon, guitar, and organ laced with electro magnetic waveforms and raw oscillator tones.

on Bandcamp you can also get a 7″ limited edition record:
Each track is designed as a stand alone piece, however, the album can be an interactive experience. A1 and B1 on the vinyl have three tones that play at the beginning of each track. When the final tone plays, that is a signal to start the complementary digital track.
A1 is designed to play against A2 while B1 is designed to play against B2.