Rokkos Adventures Weihnachtskonzert feat. DD Kern & Philipp Quehenberger

At the 19th December 2014 something big, crazy and disturbing was happening. The anual Rokkos Adventures music and art magazine Weihnachtskonzert 🙂

Instrumental improvisation / free Jazz or something close to that was performed by DD Kern on drums and Philipp Quehenberger on his Roland alpha Juno synth. Both are well known in the Austrian music scene and across the borders of our small country.

Rokko only sold 33 Tickets for this exclusive event, so we just had to be there. Especially because the location was secret until we walked there from the meeting point “Radi” aka “würstelbude Pilgramgasse”. Fortunately we didn’t forget our camera and so we got about 8 minutes of this masterpiece of music for you. We also recommend to check out the venue for all Vienna tourists to see some real “Wirtshauskultur”.

We were quite close to the drums so they dominate the sound, but still you can get a good impression what is was all about.