Waves Vienna 2018 – review

What we liked best from the Waves Vienna 2018

Somehow it was nice to have all the stages ever more closer by. Everything was in 3 minutes walking distance of WUK (or more or less in the WUK building complex). So the concert hopping was even easier than the years before.

It’s a pity that Porgy & Bess is not any more on the list for the locations of the Waves Vienna festival, but what can you do 🙂


Our favorite act from the Waves Vienna 2018

False Advertising

We really liked their energy and they played a superb show. Sadly they had to play in the “Beils” location and the sound guy was not really on top of his game (or just didn’t expect such loud drums). Anyway, cool show and cool band. Watch out for them -> False Advertising Website. 

Pics & Video will follow.


Zak Abel was nice, I liked the sound, but was expecting a bit more of a “band” thing. Warner Music designed his live show more like a “boyband” thing. Every musician in the background and advised not to move to much.

I had high hopes for Schnellertollermeier, but somehow it was quite boring and not as tight as I was hoping.

The rest was also quite good but didn’t come close for me. So I will not bother to write about it, muuuuaaahaha.