Going out in Vienna

You like music and wanna go out in Vienna?


If we are on vacation in a new city we alway search for a blog or website to find out which clubs we can go to, or which concerts are going on in this city. Most of the times it’s f****** impossible to find a decent website which offers the kind of information we need, so we try to give you the right info for Vienna and the clubs / venues you should know. If we are not too lazy and don’t forget to tweet about it, we use our #otterthingstodo hashtag to tell you about the hot shit in town, haha. So this is our guide to going out in Vienna.

on this (event)websites, which are just in German you can find some kind of a sum up what’s going on:

Volume.at (kind of mainstream, but with almost all events in Vienna)

Falter.at (Newspaper with kind of every little thing going on in the whole city)

warda.at (kind of mainstream)

fm4.at/termine (alternative radio station, events for whole Austria and not just Vienna)

If you like indie and rock stuff and wanna dance a bit

Chelsea (more mainstream rock, indie stuff)

B72 (more mainstream rock, indie stuff, a lot of concerts (also good ones))

Flex (was really good a few years ago, now kind of shitty, but maybe worth a visit, different club every day from techno to indie via D’n’B)

Shelter (more for concerts, more into punkrock, but sometimes also indie/rock/and similar stuff clubs)


If you don’t need to dance and a bar with good music is sufficient, also

Rhiz (for more experimental stuff too, and cool live concerts, sometimes super weird)

Fluc separated in upstairs and downstairs = Fluc Wanne (experimental, Rock, weird, House, Techno, Hip-hop, Grime, actually everything besides pop and mainstream music), upstairs: often free concerts and alternative music; in general more on the artsy side

Celeste (more towards Hip-Hop and electronic music)

Club U (sometimes Disco, electronic music, a bit of hip-hop)

– Transporter (indie, hip-hop, rock, experimental, alternative, and sometimes ping pong inside :), plus the place we host our party every 2 months)

Cafe Malipop (music education best off, all genres no boundaries): this place is vinyl only and pro smoking. The lady who owns it, runs the place since 50 years and it seems that it has always been the same. You can love it or leave it. We love it 🙂 Be aware of fact that the level of grumpiness is usually higher than in every other bar but you will be rewarded with some amazing music from the extensive vinyl record collection this place owns.

More hipsterish:

If dogs run free (no DJs, just music from the playlist)

– Kiosk (DJs mostly from Thursday on)

Top Kino (small Indie cinema and bar)

Schikaneder (also small Indie cinema and bar, with DJs on the weekend)

are cool places with a variety of music styles, definitely no mainstream music.


For the electronic music Aficionados

Fluc Wanne (downstairs) has sometimes good clubs and bookings (and a very good soundsystem) but in the last few months it got worse with strange Goa nights

Pratersauna (was kind of a big thing a few years ago, but now also more worse, still nice garden, and sometimes cool bookings. They are trying hard to get back the audience they had a few years ago)

– Grelle Forelle (the big spenders with big bookings, mainly techno and house, but now also some fresh hip-hop. Good Soundsystem but still strange posh crowd at underground bookings, but they try to change that with consistency in the bookings. Let’s see when the rich kids finally leave and the right audience is there)

Kantine (House + Techno; haven’t been there, heard it’s just young and not the coolest people, but club looks good and good soundsystem, big mainstream electronic music bookings)

Techno Cafe (in Summer at Volksgarten outside, easy breasy techno and house)

DasWerk (finest underground electronic music, more on the heavy side of techno + Maschinenraum techno club which we can totally recommend is residing there once a month)

Donau (mostly techno, just to sit around and the door is hard to find if you have never been there, but very cool place, amazing visual “decoration” to hang out if you see it the first time)

– Elektro Gönner (mostly electronic music, usually DJs on every night, very good cocktails, nice hidden yard close to Mariahilferstrasse)


For the Hip-Hop Heads

VIE I PEE (Trap, Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk … is what they say, we haven’t been there yet, but could be good)

Celeste (especially for Beatmaker Sessions partys or Viennese Hip Hop label: Duzz Down San partys)

– Roxy Club (all kinds of Hip-Hop, sometimes a bit rough looking crowd)

Cafe Leopold (Trap, fresh Hip-hop with various club nights like Step Forward, but watch out if the big hall is open, just upstairs it’s a bit boring)   Update (sep 2016) will close soon as a Club Venue


Artist Hangout – Food & Coffee

The well know art magazine “Spike” made a supergood list of places some of their favorite artists prefer in Vienna.

It ranges from classic Wirtshaus to hipster hideout. Definitely a cool selection to get to know the real Vienna off the beaten paths.

spikeartmagazine – going-out-vienna


Outside – at the Donaukanal (close to the water)

Our favorite place to hang out is “Hafenkneipe” close to Praterstern, or more or less below Franzensbrücke at the Danube Channel (Donaukanal). Another good one really close is Central Garden bar, but they open up usually just for the Weekend.

Fancier places to be close to the water are: Strandbar Hermann close to Schwedenplatz or Tel Aviv Beach close to Schottenring.


Gay & Lesbian Guide

There are plenty of guides out there, but we think this one is quite good: http://www.gayinvienna.com/en


If you find out something fresh, new, groovy you can put it in the comments and we will update it (if we think you are right, muuuaahahaha)

last edited: 08th of September 2016

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